Program Mission and Guidelines

We are strongly convinced that access to education is a sure way to freedom and tolerance. Investing in our future generation's education is the best way to deal with the social and economic declines in Lebanon. Our goal is to ensure scholarship on a yearly basis to deprived children, thus keeping them in the school system until they graduate, and to extend our support to a greater number of children in all of Lebanon's regions.

Program Guidelines and Activities

An executive committee is in charge of distributing the funds in the form of scholarships, with the help of certified social workers. Social workers perform a thorough analysis of received applications. Factors that are given consideration include family structure, income, health conditions of parents, and the child's past academic achievement. The allocated amount goes directly to the child's school.

Since all the work is done by dedicated volunteers, whatever donation is received goes totally towards helping the children in the Program.

Here are some facts: