About the Program

Founded in 1978 by the Orthodox Youth Movement (OYM), Saint Basil Scholarship Program is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to help children from Lebanon's underprivileged families finish their high school education.

As it is witnessed in the media many families in Lebanon are greatly suffering from severe financial challenges, with their children unable to finish their high school education amidst a dire economic situation and suffocating living conditions. The school dropout rate is on the rise, leading to a surge in the number of illiterates and social outcasts. Providing them with financial support enables students to graduate from high school in the hope of leading them towards a brighter future.

The severity of the situation is compounded with the influx of about two million refugees from the region with more children in dire need of education. The funds from the United Nations Organization are limited and do not meet the needs. Our Program, despite its very limited resourses, is reaching out to those children refugees where the Program is active.

Saint Basil Scholarship Program is registered in the United States as a not-for-profit organization (New York registration No: 42030-40).

More Facts about the Program

  1. Here are some figures that reflect the the number of sponsered students and the total amount granted to them during certain years (figures in US dollars):
    • 2020: 237 students; L.L. 356,000,000
    • 2019: 130 students; $86,861.00
    • 2018: 266 students; $97,530.00
    • 2017: 278 students; $100,180.00
    • 2016: 289 students; $100,000.00
    • 2010: 265 students; $80,000.00
    • 2006: 248 students; $45,000.00
    • 2003: 205 students; $33,000.00
    • 1985: 35 students; $10,500.00
    • 1978: 11 students; $900.00
  2. Our aim is to double the number of students aided and to increase the amount allocated to each of them.
  3. We are in direct relationship with the student families.
  4. The Program continues to develop and evolve in an effective and efficient manner; our overheads are almost null.

We hope that with your kind help and with the continuous support of our generous donors we will reach our goal. Any amount donated is most welcome; a partial contribution from you will transform ignorance to education. You can make an online donation here.